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Dr. Bailey faces legal charges of assault and battery after she reveals to Braden's parents that she implemented the deactivated HIV treatment despite their wishes. In an attempt to get Cristina to stay at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Owen puts Cristina in charge of screening applicants for the position of head of cardio. April and Jackson have their first OB/GYN visit, and decide not to tell anyone yet. Callie is heartbroken when she goes to the OB/GYN because it's revealed that she has too many adhesions from the car accident to be able to carry. Derek comes back from Washington, D.C. with news of a job offer to work at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and a job offer for Meredith at James Madison Hospital. Amelia confides in Meredith that she wants to call off her engagement in order to move to Seattle. Dr. Webber tells Leah that she's not fit to be a surgeon, and consequently, cuts her from the residency program.

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