Описание серии

Bailey is working with a psychiatrist to learn how to manage her OCD, but it’s only with Webber’s help that she finally accepts that she has a disease and needs to take her medicine. April's sisters fly in to Seattle to throw her a bridal shower at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, but things don't go as planned. She dethrones them from bridesmaid status and announces that Arizona, Cristina, and Meredith are now her people and new bridesmaids. Stephanie and Meredith insert their first conduit into a sheep, but it fails to work and the sheep dies; however, as Cristina and Ross put their first conduit into their patient and it surprisingly works. In discussing their conduits, what starts out as a civil conversation turns into a heated argument when Meredith asks Cristina what's wrong with Ross as he is now aggressive and mean. Jimmy, Karev's father, finally tells Karev that he knew who he was ever since he got mad at him at the bar and has been trying to get clean ever since.

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