Описание серии

It’s time for Meredith to decide what her topic of research will be, and after much debate, she decides that she’s going to continue her mother’s research by taking it in a new direction. Derek and Callie have teamed up to work on a brain mapping project, but Callie feels like she should be working with regenerative cartilage. Webber uses his condition to teach Jo, the now second year resident, how to be a better doctor. Because he has taken a professional liking to Cristina, and she to him as well, Shane reveals to Derek that he no longer has any interest in working with him on his brain mapping project. Cristina takes an interest in Meredith's research, but Meredith, who is still hurt by what Cristina said to her, doesn't take it kindly. Alex takes a step to get closer to his dad, and while they’re jamming on their guitars, Alex’s dad tells him that he has family in Florida. Leah reveals to her residents that she had a fling with Arizona, and Arizona succumbs to loneliness and texts Leah.

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