Описание серии

To raise money to repair the damage done to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, the doctors are dressed to the nines and throwing a fundraiser gala. All is going well at the gala, until an entertainer falls on top of the gala organizer, resulting in serious injuries. Meanwhile, April and Arizona stay in the supply closet trading relationship stories and drinking champagne. Alex leaves Jo at the gala, after seeing a junkie—whom he thinks is his dad—ushered into the ER. He decides to do a paternity test to find out, and in the middle of his telling Jo that he doesn’t want to know if the junkie is his dad or not, Jo blurts it out that he is. Cristina and Owen’s breakup becomes more real after a doctor from Seattle Presbyterian starts flirting with Owen at the gala. Bailey is stuck between a rock and a hard place, rather, two difficult patients: one who has cancer that can’t be treated, and Dr. Webber who has multiple options of treatment but doesn’t want to pursue any of them. Meredith and Derek, who have been on leave from the hospital, return and rediscover their love for surgeries.

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