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Ганнибал 1 сезон 3 серия "Potage"


Описание Ганнибал 1 сезон 3 серия Potage

Abigail Hobbs wakes up from her coma. Graham suspects that the "Minnesota Shrike" killed eight girls, but not the last one that was a victim of a copycat; he suspects the copycat was the one that called Hobbs. Blogger Freddie Lounds meets the brother of the impaled girl and reveals to him that Abigail Hobbs is out of the hospital. Lecter and Graham take Abigail to her home, where she and her neighbour Marissa were confronted by the brother of the impaled girl. Next day Abigail is taken to the cabin where Marissa is found impaled. In her house, Abigail finds the hair of the murdered girls inside a pillow and inadvertently kills the brother of the impaled girl in a way that cannot be seen as self-defense. Lecter helps her cover-up the murder, after which Abigail concludes it was Lecter who made the call to her father. Lecter suggests that Abigail keep his secret in exchange for his hiding her murder.
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