Описание серии

After the intro song, the story pans back to the carnival, where Perry and Harry set up the target sign at the water slide (which they clogged up and sawed off a hull of) while Maggie ties up several ropes on a swing ride (despite Karen's attempts to play around with one of the chairs, much to Maggie's annoyance). After the trap is set, Perry watches the villains meeting up near the water slide, where the antiques dealer presents out stolen treasure hidden inside his cotton candy cone while the two thugs open up their briefcases, revealing large stacks of money to pay for the treasure. As the villains make their exchange, Perry throws a baseball at the target (despite Karen's attempt to play around with it), causing the water slide to leak and sending the villains to be washed over to the swing slide, where they are tied up near the chairs. Perry then activates the swing slide, sending the villains to be flung over to the bumper car floor, where Harry and Maggie use two bumper cars and a fence to trap the villains on a corner. Perry manages to secure one end of the fence with lock and chains, but Karen mindlessly plays around with the chains on the other end, which allowed the villains to break through the fence and escape. Perry then pulls out a moped to chase the villains himself, only to be stopped by an arriving Carl, who then calls off the charade, as it turns out that the entire carnival caper was just a routine exercise to train new agents (even the villains turn out to be plain actors in disguise).

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