Описание серии

After the school collapse, Yuu wakes up in a hospital bed and is informed that Ayumi died. He subsequently enters shock and locks himself away in his apartment, becoming a recluse. Later on, Yumi comes by to talk to him but is turned away. Yuu ends up running away to another city and attempts to survive on snack foods while passing the time at a local arcade. However, as he grows progressively more unstable, he begins using his powers to pick fights with gangs. Before he can turn his attention to drugs, Yuu is stopped by Nao, who had been observing him the entire time using her invisibility. Nao attempts to reconnect with Yuu by taking him to Jōjirō's house and offering him some omurice. Upon eating it, Yuu realizes it tastes exactly like the dish that Ayumi would make for him using the secret pizza sauce. He soon resolves to return to the student council with Nao to work hard in memory of his sister